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What opportunities are available with NextWave Advocacy?

NextWave engages independent contractors with the professionalism, personality, and communications skills to conduct effective telephone outreach on behalf of our clients.

What type of work would I be involved in?

NextWave works primarily with non-profit and philanthropic organizations. For most programs, you would be reaching out directly to the audiences the client serves to help connect them with programs and services.
We guarantee that this work involves absolutely NO sales or fundraising.

So will I have to sell anything?

Never. NextWave isn’t in the sales or fundraising business. Most of our clients turn to us to help reach individuals who may qualify for FREE services and assistance from reputable philanthropic organizations.

How do I get work through NextWave?

Once you become a contractor with NextWave, we will offer you projects when they become available. Successful contractors remain in our database and are informed before new projects launch.

Do I have to work on any project I am offered?

No. Independent contractors have the right to accept or decline any project for any reason—including a vacation! Be aware, however, that all projects are short-term and other opportunities may not be immediately available.

How long do projects last?

Each client campaign is different. Most projects last two to four weeks. In general, clients conduct campaigns a few times per year.
We do our best to predict and inform contractors about when a project is likely to begin and end, so they can organize their schedules to be available, if they wish. Due to the nature of this business, however, these estimates may be subject to change.

How do I schedule my work on a project?

Once you are assigned a project, you will have access to the project calendar to build your schedule. Available hours are posted, and you will sign up for the times you would like to work in 1-hour blocks. Each work session must be at least 2 hours long. For example, you might sign up for 2 hours on Monday from 9 AM to 11 AM and 5 hours on Tuesday from 3 PM to 8 PM.

When can I work? Can I work during regular business hours? In the evenings? Over the weekend?

Different NextWave projects operate within different time windows, and sometimes the hours change as the campaign develops. Evening and Saturday hours are commonly available.
Most contractors for NextWave find that they are able to fit projects around the other commitments in their lives. Some flexibility in the hours you can work is helpful.

How many hours are required?

When a full schedule is available, we request contractors to commit to 20 or more hours per week. As mentioned above, every work session must be at least 2 consecutive hours.

What happens when the project is over?

After a project is completed, NextWave will retain your information for future work. Our decisions to reengage contractors are based on performance, project knowledge, reliability, and improvement in work quality based on feedback.

How do I get paid?

Our contractors are retained on an hourly basis. Our cloud-based systems track the time you work. NextWave issues payments weekly, and direct deposit is available.

What equipment do I need to be an independent contractor?

Independent contractors work from home using their own desktop or laptop computer, broadband internet connection, headset, and printer. The minimum specifications required to work with NextWave’s systems are included on the Requirements page.

Do you reimburse for my internet connection or computer, headset, or printer purchase?

No. As a contractor, you provide your own tools and equipment to complete your work.

How will I make calls?

We use a cloud-based platform for making calls, which you will connect to over the internet. There are no long-distance fees associated with making calls using our system. Independent contractors are only responsible for supplying a USB headset and an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to ensure a quality connection.
See the Requirements page for more information on minimum internet speeds and recommended headsets.

How do I submit my hours and invoice for my work?

The systems that contractors use to make calls also track time spent. NextWave issues payment to contractors weekly. Direct deposit is available.

I’m not very technical. Can I still be an independent contractor?

If you are familiar with using computers to search the internet, compose emails, and use online applications, such as Facebook, you likely have the necessary computer savvy to be an outreach specialist. Most contractors do not find computer knowledge to be a barrier in quickly setting up their home office and connecting to and learning our systems.

Technical support is also supplied by our cloud-based provider, Five9.

Do I have to pay to use NextWave’s systems?

Absolutely not. NextWave does not charge anything for independent contractors to be part of our network or to use our systems to complete their work.

Can other people in my household use WiFi while I work?

This will depend on your internet provider and the bandwidth you have, as well as on the types of internet use others in your household demand. It also depends on where you have your home office set up with a wired internet Ethernet cable.

Depending on the broadband service they purchase, some contractors find that their internet will not support other family members streaming HD video, for example, without it affecting call quality. Independent contractors are solely responsible for ensuring adequate connection speeds to perform the work required for a NextWave project.

Do contractors need to have prior outreach experience?

No. Most people who contract with us have not worked on these types of projects before. Many have a general interest in helping others, which makes the experience rewarding.

What is involved in the Sign Up Now process?

We’ve outlined the process here.

How will I know if my independent contractor submission is accepted?

NextWave will communicate with you via email at each stage of the process. You will receive an email letting you know whether or not your initial submission meets our basic requirements. If it does, next steps will be outlined in the email.

How soon can I start making money?

That depends. Once you sign an independent contracting agreement, you will begin your self-paced onboarding process. When you feel ready, you will be offered the next available project, which may start right away or in a few weeks.

Are there any fees to become part of your network?

Absolutely not! We are a telephone outreach firm, which engages independent contractors only for our current, active campaigns. We are pleased to invite talented individuals to provide services for us, and we impose no artificial barriers to finding the best people to serve our clients.

What do I do if I have questions during the screening process?

Our email address will be included in every communication to you. You can contact us at any point at [email protected]. Please note, however, that we are interested in determining how well contractors can follow instructions and work independently, without significant oversight or input from us. The screening process has been designed accordingly.

How do I know if I’ll be a successful contractor?

If you’re a great communicator who can follow written instructions and work independently, you’re the type of contractor we need! The best way to find out if you have what it takes is to sign up.

I have other questions. What do I do?

A telephone meeting is part of the screening process for all successful independent contractors. It’s a great time to ask any specific questions you may have regarding your situation and how this independent contracting opportunity fits in.

In the meantime, you can contact us with general questions at [email protected]. Please allow us some time to respond to inquiries. Although we seek contractors for virtual work, our recruitment office does not operate around the clock.

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