NextWave’s grassroots organizers call people across the country to discuss a political issue. When organizers find a supporter—we call them “advocates”—organizers help get them involved in the policymaking process. Sometimes the advocates will participate in a letter-writing campaign or meet with a legislator. Other times, they will submit op-eds to their local newspapers or spread the word online.

Whatever the activities, organizers uncover each advocate’s personal story and prepare them to share it effectively.

There are plenty of reasons to contract as an Organizer with NextWave


All grassroots organizers are independent contractors. Enjoy the freedom of project-based work and flexible self-scheduling.

Work-from-home convenience

Commute only to the home office you create. All you need are some basic computer equipment and a high-speed internet connection.


Each project is unique. The political issues vary widely, and campaigns may last a few days or a few months.

Work/life balance

Plan your work around the rest of your life. Use our online system to self-schedule 1-hour time blocks that work best for you.

Flexible hours

Available hours differ by project, but evening and Saturday hours are typically offered. Great for contractors who have other commitments during regular business hours.

Rapid start

Client demand varies, but our goal is always to put you on the next available project. Sometimes in as little as three days!

Helpful training

Access our self-guided training program. Gain personalized guidance from an experienced organizer before your first project. And get detailed information prior to each new campaign.

Worry-free invoicing

Our system tracks your hours while you work. We collect project fees from clients and issue payments to contractors on a weekly basis. The base rate is $12.00 per hour. Most contractors make an average hourly rate equivalent of $14 to $16 per hour when working 20 or more hours per week. High performers can earn up to $17.50 per hour.


You’ll be an independent contractor, but you won’t go it alone. You’ll be a part of a project team with experienced leaders who will provide help when you need it.

What to expect when you sign up to perform services

NextWave’s multi-step selection process enables us to find the best talent for our projects. We’ll also provide you lots of information along the way, so you can determine if this home-based contracting opportunity is right for you. Here’s how it works:

1. Sign-up Online

Click on the “sign up now” button and follow the instructions to submit your résumé and cover letter to us for consideration.

2. Audition

If your qualifications seem like a good fit, you will receive an email inviting you to call us and introduce yourself in a voicemail message, so we can gain an understanding of your phone skills.

3. Phone meeting

If your audition goes well, we will schedule a phone call to further discuss the service you can provide and any questions you may have about what NextWave is looking for.

4. Sign on

Successful contractors will enter into an independent contractor agreement with NextWave. The agreement will be sent to you for review and signature.

5. Train

NextWave will supply videos and documents to prepare you for the specific services you will provide. This self-guided training may be completed at your pace.

6. Test

An “open book” assessment at the conclusion of your training will confirm that you are ready to begin providing services.

7. Accept your 1st project

Once you have passed the training assessment, you will be offered the next available project. If you accept it, you will sign up for a personalized campaign training call and begin to build your schedule.

* This is a general outline of our process. Steps and timing may vary slightly, depending on project demand.
Organizers and writers supply basic computer equipment and a high-speed internet connection. For more information, click the button to the right.